General Director (Chairman of the Management Board) Alik Ashirov talked about key events for the first half of 2020 at a meeting with the staff of KazTransGas Onimderi LLP.

Consumption rates reduction and switching vehicles to gas led to the decrease of the fuels and lubricants costs. The savings amounted to 1.1 million liters of conventional fuels.

To prevent unauthorized emissions into the atmosphere and to ensure consumers’ health and safety, the Partnership purchased equipment to detect methane leaks (4 units). The equipment detected 262 leaks in residential premises and social facilities, a total of 10,550 leaks.

Pursuant to Partnership’s order, key measures have been identified to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among the staff, including:

– launch of crisis management teams;

– reduction of business trips;

– shifting the majority of employees to remote work or sending them to annual leaves;

– increase of the duration of the shift personnel rotation.

Strengthening the monitoring measures during the pre-shift medical examination.

Purchase of medical masks, cleaning disinfectants and equipment for sanitizing vehicles.

The vehicles are cleaned daily with detergents and disinfectants. Contracts signed to make PCR tests for COVID-19.

Emergency and seismic trainings and simulations are conducted regularly to improve employees’ skills in responding to emergencies, minimizing emergency impact, as well as alerting, gathering, equipping and getting ready for rescue operations.

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