The General Director (Chairman of the Management Board) of LLP  “KazTransGas Onimderi” Arman Kassenov talked about the key events of the past year at a meeting with the team members.

In November last year the company carried out an experiment on recycling and soil stabilization of the roadway using an ion stabilizer on the access road to the Karaozek compressor station. This measure enhanced the traffic safety, reduced the maintenance cost and fuels and lubricants consumption, increased the speed of delivery of goods and passengers.

By reducing consumption standards and converting vehicles to gas, it was possible to reduce the consumption of fuel and lubricants. At the same time, savings amounted to 1.7 million litres of traditional types of fuel.

In order to prevent unauthorized emissions into the atmosphere, as well as to preserve the life and health of consumers the company purchased four equipment for detection of methane leaks. This equipment can detect the minimal leaks on gas pipelines of any level, even in the most inaccessible places.

During the operation period the highly sensitive laser detector “DLS-Pergamum” helped to spot 235 leaks in residential premises and social facilities, as well as 8 766 leaks in gas pipelines and technical facilities.

Emergency and seismic surveys are conducted regularly to ensure prompt response of staff members, to improve practical skills in alerting, collecting, equipping and preparedness for rescue operations, to take actions in emergency situations and to minimize their impact.