Kassenov Arman

1 Year of birth: 16.09.1977

Education: Eurasian University named after L.N. Gumilev, qualification “Mechanical Engineer” (1999), Moscow Transport Institute, specializing in “Management in Transport and Logistics Systems” (2001), Candidate of Economic Sciences (KT No. 069786 dated April 19, 2002), specialty “Economics and management of the national economy. Directions: Economics and management of enterprises, industries and complexes (transport). Logistics”.


He began his career as a leading specialist in the examination and audit department at the RSE “State Scientific and Practical Center “KazSertico” (1999-2000).

He passed a scientific internship at the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (STU) in the framework of work on the dissertation research (2000-2002).

In the period 2002-2003 worked in JSC “KazTransGas” as a manager of marketing and commerce department.

In JSC “Intergas Central Asia” worked as manager, chief manager, deputy director of the department of gas transportation and marketing (2003-2006).

In 2006 – 2008 worked in JSC “KazTransGas” as director of the department of budget planning and economic analysis.

In the period from September 2008 to November 2014, as a member of the Management Board of JSC “KazTransGas” at the position: Managing Director for Corporate Development, since June 2012, Deputy General Director on Corporate Development.

Since November 2014, the General Director (Chairman of the Board) of “KazTransGas Onimderi” LLP.


– Certificate of honor of CJSC “Intergas Central Asia” (2003);

– Memorable medal of the MEM RK “70-years to pipeline transport” (2005);

– Certificates of honor of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” (2007 and 2010);

– Certificates of Honor of the MOG RK (2010 and 2011);

– Letter of gratitude from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010);

– Medal “For exceptional work” (2012); (2012г.);

– Medal for the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016).

Ashirov Alik

Аширов Year of birth: 08.11.1964

Education: In 1986 he graduated Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, in speciality “Mining engineer-mechanic”.
In 2001 he graduated from Taraz State University named after M.Kh. Dulati, in speciality “Jurisprudence”


1986-1990 – Engineer, engineer-designer of methods and means for monitoring the composition of metallurgical gases department in the OPKB “PO Chermetavtomatika”;

1990-1997 – Military service in the Armed Forces of the USSR military unit 27809;

1997-1998 – Adviser to Akim of Almaty region;

1998-1999 – Chief specialist in agroindustrial sector of agriculture and ecology department of Akim executive office in Almaty region;

1999г. – Deputy Governor of Akim executive office in Zhambyl region;

1999-2000 – Adviser to Akim of Zhambyl region;

2000-2004 – Assistant to Akim of Zhambyl region;

2004-2005 – Head of Economic Support, Personnel Work and Accounting Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2005-2011 – Assistant to Akim of Almaty region;

2012-2013 – Head of Department of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2013-2014 – Director of RSE “Motor transport service of Department of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”;

from november 2014 – Deputy General Director of “KazTransGas Onimderi” LLP

Kussepbaev Saken

kusepbaev Year of birth: 15.05.1964

Education:1981-1986. Kazakh National Technical University. Engineer in the specialty “Automation and telemechanics”;

2010-2012 International Academy of Business. Master of Business Administration in Management.


1986 – 2000 worked as an engineer, designer, marketing manager, held executive positions in commercial structures;

2000-2001 Manager of the Working Consulting Group for the gas supply project of JSC “KazTransGas”;

2001 Head of Financial Analysis and Cash Flow Control Department, of JSC KTG Distribution;

2001-2002 Head of Marketing Department of CJSC Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant;

2002-2014 in JSC “KazTransGas Aimak” held the following posts:

– Chief specialist of the Marketing Department;

– Head of the Department of Cash Flow Control;

– Director of the Cash Flow Planning Department.

2014-2015 Director of the Corporate Finance and Treasury Department of JSC KazTransGas;

Since February 2015, he held the position of Managing Director, Director of the Department of JSC KazTransGas.

Since October 2017, Deputy General Director for Transformation and Economics of KazTransGas Onimderi LLP.

Jamanbekov Almaz


Year of birth: 18.07.1962 г.

Education: In 1986 he graduated from Alma-Aty Institute of National Economy with a degree in “Accounting, Control and Analysis of Economic Activities”. In 2005, he graduated from Kazakh-Russian University in speciality “Jurisprudence”.


1995-1997 – Head of Administrative Department of CJSC “Almaty Commercial and Financial Bank”;

1997-1998 – chief manager of the administrative department of CJSC “NOC “Kazakhoil

1998 – 2000 – Director of the Administrative and Economic Department, Managing Director, Head of Staff of the Chairman of the Board of OJSC “Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan;

2000 – 2001 – Head of the Administrative Department of CJSC “KazTransOil”;

2001-2002 – Director of the Administrative Department of CJSC “NC “Oil and Gas Transport”;

2002-2003 – Managing Director of OJSC “Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan”;

2003 – Executive Director of CJSC “Trading House “KazMunayGas “;

2003 – 2006 – Chief Expert of the Chancellery of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2006 – 2009 – vice-president, chief director for work with state bodies of JSC “Kazakhtelecom”;

Since 2009 – Deputy General Director, Head of Staff, Managing Director for Business Support, Adviser to the General Director of JSC “KazTransGas”.

Since August 2016 – Deputy General Director for Business Support of LLP “KazTransGas Onimderi”.


– Medal “10 years for the Independence of Kazakhstan Republic” (2001).

– Order “Honor” (2008)”