From 17 to 20 April, 2017 in the JSC “Intergas Central Asia” started a competition of professional skills «The best specialist – 2017».This year the competition was timed to coincide with the anniversary date – the 20th anniversary of the foundation of JSC Intergas Central Asia. As part of the National operator, the company represents its interests in the field of the main transportation of natural gas, that is, one of the most important lines of activity.

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In the opening ceremony of the contest «The best specialist – 2017» attended the First Deputy General Director of JSC “INTERGAS Central Asia” Muhati Shabaturov and representatives of the Veterans of the gas industry.


Over four days, more than 100 participants passed the special tests in 15 key professions of the gas transportation industry, such as a locksmith for emergency repairs, a mechanic for the operation and repair of gas equipment, an electric gas welder, a gas cutter, etc. For the first time, the well operator, driller and assistant driller showed their skills.


All stages of the competition took place on the territory of a training and course combine, where more than one generation of gas workers had been trained in recent years.


Annual competitions allow you to rise to the level of professional skill above. In the training center, you can simulate any situation and disassemble it, train, exchange experience.


Before the beginning of practical work, the contestants passed exams on theory. As the participants told, the questions were complicated, but many people managed to answer the problems.


The contestants came very seriously to practical tasks because each of their decisions was observed by experienced examiners. Members of the jury are heads of production departments, central dispatching department, labor protection and industrial safety department, veterans of the gas industry.


In addition to the basic technical process of checking the operability of devices, they assessed a strict outsider’s view of all the nuances, including the appearance of the employee, the literacy of the subscriber’s instruction, the fulfillment of labor protection requirements. Practical tasks included maintenance of gas equipment, detection of a malfunction and justification for further actions in accordance with regulatory requirements, preparation of documentation.


One of the spectacular stages of the competition turned out to be the landfill “Gas-electric welders and burners”, as well as work in a team of specialists underground gas storage.  Here contestants for a time showed their speed, experience with metal, ingenuity and compliance with safety standards.


The most difficult thing was told by the participants themselves, it was hard to cope with their experiences. All participants, of course, were very worried and worried, and because of what some lost points, they could forget something, give up. But the best of Kazakhstan’s best gas workers won.


The competition of professionals working in the group of companies of JSC “KazTransGas” is an annual event that has become a good tradition. It should be noted that in JSC “KazTransGas” professional attention is paid to the professional growth of its employees. The contest «The best specialist – 2017» is only one of the directions of the company’s policy in the field of personnel management. In general, it includes a dynamically developing system of labor motivation, social protection of workers. All this contributes to the maximum disclosure of the potential of each employee, creates an atmosphere of openness, mutual respect, the spirit of healthy competition and comradely rivalry.


As a result of the intense struggle, the competitive commission nevertheless determined the best of the best. All the contestants gave their best, because they had to fight for what. The main prize is a bonus payable during the year, which ranges from 20 to 30 percent, depending on the step of the pedestal.
The participants received also other valuable prizes, gifts and diplomas.


The ceremony of rewarding the winners of the professional skills contest of gas workers «The best specialist – 2017» took place on the central stage of Shymkent, in the South Kazakhstan regional philharmonic society named after S. Kaldayakov.

1212A special exhibition of creative works of employees of JSC ” Intergas Central Asia ” was held within the framework of the contest «The best specialist – 2017». Here you could see the unusual work is hand by yourself, arts and crafts, embossing, patterns made from different materials and in different techniques, and creative works devoted to the difficult profession of a gas workers.


Here is a list of nominations and winners:

 The machinist of technological compressors

1 place — Zhakashev Nurbergen Ibrayevich (Aktau city)

2 place — Turamuradov Arystanbayev Zharmenovich (Shymkent city)

3 place — Tazhbenov Ruslan Kalibekovich (Uralsk city)

The mechanic on repair of technological installations

1 place — Sarmanov Amandyk Aralbayevich (Aktau city)

2 place — Tuguzbaev Artem Kadyrjanovich (Uralsk city)

3 place — Kairliev Galymbek Kadrzhanovich (Atyrau city)

 The Linear Pipeliner

1 place — Lochbaum Michael Stepanovich (Aktobe city)

2 place — Abdullaev Nurlan Sergazyevich (Aktau city)

3 place — Rakhimov Galymzhan Bakitzhanovich (Taraz city)

The operator of gas distribution station

1 place — Omarov Esbolat Erbolatovich (Atyrau city)

2 place — Uaisov Bakhtiyar Temrovich (Kostanay city)

3 place — Vlasov Evgeniy Vladimirovich (Taraz city)

Fitter for the protection of underground pipelines from corrosion

1 place — Osipov Alexander Vladimirovich (Uralsk city)

 2 place Aimakhanov Mamatkul Prasilovich (Shymkent city)

3 place — Baizhekenov Asylkhan Amirzhanovich (Kyzylorda city)

Electrician for maintenance and repair of electrical installations

1 place — Kytaibekov Arystanbai Tabynbayevich (Aktau city)

2 place — Bekmurzayev Aylbek Nurbekuly (Shymkent city)

3 place — Kamiev Alibek Nauryzgalyevich (Atyrau city)

Electric Gas Welder

1 place — Yerzhanov Mars Mergengalievich (Uralsk city)

2 place — Altayev Zhanibek Makhanbetovich (Shymkent city)

3 place — Zharmakov Mukhanbetkhali Zhanabaiuly (Aktobe city)

 Gas cutter

1 place — Sergeev Mukhambetzhan Sergeevich (Aktau city)

2 place — Nurtyakov Zhamal Turebayevich (Shymkent city)

3 place — Tukasov Kanat Galimzhanovich (Atyrau city)

 Locksmith on Instrumentation and automation

1 place — Gomin Igor Olegovich (Taraz city)

2 place — Kushenov Bisen Samenovich (Atyrau city)

3 place — Kanatov Yerlan Sadykovich (Uralsk city)

 Gas Production Operator

1 place — Uspanov Bolat Kairullayevich (Aktobe city)

2 place — Danlybayev Kairat Lesovich (Taraz city)

3 place — Abishov Aliybai Bisenbayevich (Shymkent city)

The operator of the wells survey

1 place — Bekturganov Baurzhan Kadirbayevich (Shymkent city)

2 place — Dauletov Niedulla Ikmashevich (Aktobe city)

3 place — Esbolov Rakhish Berdigulovich (Taraz city)


1 place — Sarsenbaev Kasimbek Musayevich  (Taraz city)

2 place — Sateev Nurzhan Musayevich (Shymkent city)

3 place — Syrlibayev Nabi Abdualievich (Aktobe city)

Driller assistant

1 place — Shermetov Ergeshbai Haitbayevich (Shymkent city)

2 place — Nurtaev Kanat Zharylkasynovich (Aktobe)

3 place — Kozhakhmetov Adil Serikbayevich (Taraz city)

The mechanic on operation and repair of gas equipment

1 place — Auelbekov Azimbek Kobylbek (Shymkent city)

2 place — Balmuhanov Kanat Shinybekovich (Aktobe city)

3 place — Dushanov Marat Kvaiberinovich (Uralsk city)

Locksmith emergency recovery works

1 place — Muldashev Amangeldy Uryngalievich (Aktobe city)

2 place — Avramenko Vasiliy Igorevich (Uralsk city)

3 place — Rabekov Zhomart Baltashapovich (Shymkent city)